about us
                  Company profile
                  ?General information Sichuan Pushi Ningjiang Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. (Founded on Oct. 2006 at Dujiangyan, Sichuan, P.R. China)is a joint venture of Ningjiang Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. and Push Group Inc. The company have1300 employees and covers over 400 ‘000 m2  and invested CNY 600 millions totally.   Developing and manufacturing ability   40 years’ manufacturing experience in precision machine tool Provincial R&D center with 20 National/Provincial/Municipal experts and 300 technicians who have senior or intermediate title Close cooperation with universities such as Sichuan university , Chongqing university and UESTC. Efficient organization structure named “One institute and two bases” . That is, The R&D institute, the precision machine tool manufacturing base and the CNC machine tool production base. Advanced developing, manufacturing and inspection facility with an annual output of 3000 precision machine tools. 2000 sets of machine accessories and 5000 tons of casting iron Many authorized certifications/awards on quality, environment, and occupation health  ——ISO 9001:2000 Quality control system. ——ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management system ——OHSAS 18001 occupation health safety control system ——IS0/TS16949:2002 Automobile quality system ——National customer satisfied enterprise ——National excellent management enterprise ——and etc.   Business Scope We are specialized in developing and manufacturing of precision machine tools and will provide you timely and effective technique support including pre-sales and after-sales service such as: machine installation, operation training, spare parts and service parts offer and etc.   Our pursuit We believe that our forever pursuit of “Precision, Efficiency, Integration and Intellectualization” will maximize your profitability. And we ourselves will be devoted to the cause of contributing as much as possible to the revival of national industry.   Our location
                  1956Year Originate from
                  30+Thousand Floor area(m2)
                  10+Billion Annual output value (¥)
                  3000+sets Production equipment
                  Enterprise strength
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                  R & D strength
                  ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength ?R & D strength 
                  Productive strength
                  ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength ?Productive strength 
                  product center
                  news center
                  Service area
                  Main camp:Design, manufacture, process and sell CNC machine tools, precision universal machine tools and all kinds of special machine tools, machining production lines, equipment assembly production lines and complete sets of equipment, etc
                  Qualification honor
                  Quality results:"Postdoctoral research station"、"Chengdu precision CNC machine tool engineering technology research center"、"The quality of the products is top ten"、"China CNC machine tool exhibition spring yan award"、"China famous brand"、"National high-tech enterprises"、"Famous trademark of sichuan province"、"China machine tool industry top 10 enterprises"、"National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise"、"Sichuan famous brand"etc.
                  contact us
                  Technical support Tel: 028-87132411-582 Fax: 028-87111767 Email: njsd@ningjiang.com
                  Spare part Tel: 028-87127878 Fax: 028-87132477 Email: psnjbj@163.com
                  After sale Tel: 028-87127878 Fax: 028-87132477 Email: psnjfw@163.com
                  Additional Postcode:611830 Address:179, south section 1, yong 'an avenue, dujiangyan city, sichuan province
                  Official Account
                  Tel:028-87132411 Address:179, south section 1, yong 'an avenue, dujiangyan city, sichuan province Postcode:611830
                  Copyright 2019 Ningjiang Machine Tool All Rights Reserved.Record number::蜀ICP备11006136号-1 Technical support:hucheng100.cn
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